Where do you post a small business for sale today? Which websites to consider for a promotion? Here are the best online marketplaces reviewed!

Let’s face it – Searching the web to gather information on the online business for sale websites can take up much of your valuable time.
As many people out there, you are probably wondering – which websites should you consider? What factors to use to make a meaningful comparison? How much does each cost? What do you get for your money invested?
If you are having these questions, worry not as you are not the only one. In this article, we will present helpful reviews including the similarities or differences so you will be better informed where to post and promote your business for sale.As you probably know – the pricing structures differ. The websites presented below usually fall within the monthly price range of $30-110. There are websites with a free listing included.


➢ ExitAdviser

This is a great solution for selling a small business, directly by the owner. A quick and effective 4-track sale process is included together with legal templates, professional tools, and how-to helpful guides. Some of the professional tools include business valuation tool, sales memorandum tool, sellability advisor tool, go-to-market tool, and etc. When it comes to the prices, the business owners can sign-up for a one-off fee that includes all services and resources provided by ExitAdviser.

➢ GlobalIBX

This is a US-based website connecting sellers, buyers, and lenders. Their professional services are free of charge and have been since 2001. If you are interested in posting and promoting your Miami-based business of sale, this is without a doubt one of the best websites for you. They allow an unlimited number of free business sale listings (photographs are included). There are also statistics provided that track the viewings, the number of searches, and leads generated by your listing. There are thousands of qualified business buyers who search the website every day. The listing appears automatically on partner’s website, in trade journals, and in newspapers. The registered buyers can post “business wanted” messages. The prices per month are higher when compared to another website like Shopify’s Exchange marketplace, so that is also important to have in mind when  looking for your business.

➢ BizBuySell – This website is established in 1996, in the US and it is one of the biggest and most popular websites for businesses for sales on the internet. Like all other popular websites, it has a great international footprint covering more than 80 countries which open up potential interest in your business. There are 3 pricing options available and all require a three-month minimum commitment. There is a standard package that provides a detailed advertisement with images and access to sales leads, as well as, statistics showing buyer interest. If you decide to pay more, you will get a higher placement on the list of the search results of the buyer.
➢ BizQuest – On this website. There are more than 35.000 listed businesses for sale. BizQuest is founded in California and it is one of the best websites if you are interested in posting and promoting your LA-based business for sale. The market power of this website has significantly increased over time, especially from the association with bizbuysell.com. There are three-tier pricing systems and they are all based on a minimum two-month commitment. If you decide to pay a higher prices listing package, you will receive more benefits, including your information being reported higher in the list of search results of the buyer. The website has a pretty high traffic, around 650.000 visits per month.
Choose a website and get started now!

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